5 thoughts on “PAINTINGS”

  1. Love your work John, you are truly blessed with a creative spirit . May God bless you more and more in favour for being a wonderful person and amazing teacher who brings joy to the hearts of many who see your beautiful art work.

  2. Keirunga Artists are interested in having you tutor a workshop on Watercolour painting, hopefully in March 2016. Are you interested, and if so please contact me – President Keirunga Artists Havelock North NZ

  3. This is some impressive work John! The paintings of collinsville bring back some memories! Are you still by any chance selling any of your prints?

    Also do you still api t Queenslanders as I would be keen to have you paint or sketch out little old girl.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments. To answer your questions:
      I sold all of my prints before leaving Australia.
      I am just setting up a new studio in NZ and don’t intend to paint commissions as I want to develop my work in a new direction. Sorry about that.
      Best regards. John

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