Driving the buggy
Driving the buggy

Off to Town

Walking the furrow
Walking the furrow
Stage coach at Kilkivan
Stage coach at Kilkivan
John's coach and horses at Amamoor
John’s coach and horses at Amamoor

2 thoughts on “HORSES”

    1. Thank you for your enquiry John I’m sorry the painting is sold. The coach was built in the last fifteen years in Gympie in Queensland to the original Cob & Co specs for John and Cynthia Hayes when they owned a B&B at Amamoor. Here he was driving it with two draught horses although it was more common in the old days to have five horses, three in a row in front and two behind as in ‘Stage Coach in Kilkivan’ (also sold) which I photographed at the pumpkin festival some years ago. Cheers John

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