15 thoughts on “Watercolour Paintings by John Newman”

  1. Love your work. Spent two months in Australia at the beginning of this year looking for work like this

      1. I was married to Jim Hillier and attended aerobics with Debbie at the workers club. I love your work by the way.

  2. The two weathered old Queenslanders are actually in Petrie Terrace an inner suburb of Brisbane and not at Petrie which is further out of Brisbane and actually out of the Brisbane area. No criticism, I just like to have the facts correct.

    1. Quite right Joan they are in Clifton St, Petrie Terrace. I thought they were so run down that they would be demolished but last time I was in Brisbane I noticed they have been restored. Good to see. Thanks Joan. Cheers John

      1. These houses played a large part in my early life,John, as I lived in Grigson’s Cottage at the top end of these two houses. Residents of all three houses were related in those days and so spent lots of time together and I have very fond memories of this time – the first 20 years of my life. I do love the painting. Is it by any chance available as a print?

  3. Great subject, great work. These craftsman built houses are like a piece of furniture that you can live in. What is the history of the architecture I wonder?

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Robert, unfortunately I do paintings not history although sometimes I would like to know the history of the buildings I draw. Cheers John

  4. Your wonderful painting of houses you say are at Petrie, an inner suburb of Brisbane is incorrect. Petrie is out past Stathpine. I think you mean Petrie Terrace which is inner Brisbane & the suburb would be Red Hill.

    1. You are quite correct Maria I drew them in Clifton St, Petrie Terrace, I wander round and draw things and usually note the street names but am not always sure of the suburb. In this case I believe the suburb is Petrie Terrace which is what I thought I had typed. I’ve had a few emails correcting my error thank you for your kind comments. Regards. John

  5. Hi John, I have been enjoying your art work in my home for over 20 years which I bought early 90’s. I am down sizing and unfortunately have to off load some. I’m wondering if you can suggest a site that I should use and what the market price may be. Cheers Jenny Lowe.

    1. Hi Jenny, I’m not sure what you have Jenny but if they are original drawings or paintings in good condition I would ask at least double what you paid for them perhaps three times that as my prices have increased over the years. Prints don’t fetch much more than the what you paid for them unfortunately. Most galleries take such a high percentage that they are possibly not worth approaching. Ebay or Gumtree are probably your best bet. I hope this helps. Regards John

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