Relax and doodle.

“Forest Floor” 260 x 200 mm Graphite pencil (2B) on 260 gsm Bristol Board

The best way I know how to relax is with a pencil, just doodling.

This was a demonstration for a drawing course in Noosa, everyone outside under the trees, sun shining, occasional whispered chatter amongst the watching students impatient to have a go. When they’ve seen enough its their turn, extreme concentration, dead quiet then the occasional moan maybe a painful sigh anxiety levels rising, muttered curses, finally I call a halt and we return to the studio for a show and tell.

All of the students have produced inspiring drawings, why all the fuss I wonder? I’ve had the most sublime morning sitting in the sun relaxing with a pencil and paper surrounded by like minded people. They’ve done exactly the same thing but some are stressed to the max.

If you loose a drawing it is a mere trifle, a piece of paper and a little of your time which could have been the most enjoyable part of your day. Part of learning to draw is to learn to enjoy the journey and not worry about the outcome. We also need to learn not to worry about being judged by our peers but to recognise that we are all on our own paths and at different places.

We can help each other by encouraging more and judging not at all. Relax and keep doodling.

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