Reproduced from my pencil drawings these prints are no longer available.




Stanley St., Townsville
‘Stanley St Townsville NQ’
The Queens Hotel, Townsville 2
‘The Queens Hotel Townsville NQ’
Ross Creek, Townsville
‘Ross Creek Townsville NQ’
Flinders St., Townsville
‘Flinders St Townsville NQ’
Visitors, North Queensland
‘Visitors NQ’
‘Queenslander NQ’
Pomona Hotel
‘The Pomona Hotel, Noosa Hinterland’
The Railway Hotel, Ravenswood N.Q 1
‘Railway Hotel Ravenswood NQ’
Kuranda Station N.Q
‘Kuranda Railway Station FNQ’
Amamoor Station
‘Amamoor Station, Mary Valley Qld’
Bridge Crossing near Kandanga
‘Bridge Crossing, Kandanga Q’
Kandanga Station
‘Kandanga Station, Mary Valley Q’
Gympie Station
‘Gympie Station, Qld’
Cooktown Museum N.Q.
The Old Convent, Cooktown FNQ’



  1. I have a framed print of the John Newman pencil drawing of the School of Arts, on Stanley Street, Townsville, N.Q. When was that actually drawn?

    1. Hi John sorry about the delay but better late than never! The drawing of the School of Arts building in Stanley Street Townsville was done in the mid to late eighties. I attended high school across the road in the background when it was The Townsville State High from 1962 to 1964. I sketched it from the other side of Stanley Street.

      I am now living in NZ and sold all the prints from my Aussie drawings before I left Australia.

      Thanks for your enquiry.



    1. I’m glad you like the drawing “Visitors NQ” The house was in Boundary Street in South Townsville in North Queensland on the Southern side of the road. It is a typical timber and tin ‘Queenslander’ and I expect it is still there although I haven’t been there for a few years. I drew it from across the road in 1989/90 when I lived S/West of Bowen 200 Klms South of Townsville. I now live in New Zealand. Cheers. John

      1. It has a pencil title ‘Cool as a Queenslander’ limited edition 453/600 lithograph print 1993 of a Queenslander with palms in front. I can’t find any other title. It has your bio on the back.

      2. Hi Peta, does the picture have a woman standing on the verandah of the house? Any chance you could photograph the picture and email it to me? Is it a painting or a pencil drawing or pen and ink? I think it is one of a house in Hermit Park in Townsville North Queensland the entire edition of six hundred sold out but I can’t be sure unless I see it. I have had many print editions over the years and I can’t recall all of them, I’m sorry to be so vague! If I see it I will remember. Cheers John

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